How to Perform Agile SEO

by Marvin Russell on April 11, 2014
Agile SEO

This post discusses how and why your agency should perform agile SEO. I wrote this post because I don’t see enough SEO professionals performing agile SEO. I was guilty in my early years of not performing agile SEO; however, the day my agency started implementing an agile SEO, was the day we started signing and keeping more clients.

But don’t take my word for it.

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How Hick’s Law Helped MySiteAuditor Increase Conversions by 25%

by Marvin Russell on April 4, 2014
Hick's Law

This is the story of how we successfully applied “Hick’s Law” to MySiteAuditor and increased conversions by more than 25%. The reason I’m so excited to share this case study with you is it had such huge impact on our site, and it can be applied to almost any type of conversion form, whether it’s a simple free trial form, contact form, or free website analysis tool.

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The Killer SEO Contract – Free Download Now!

by Marvin Russell on March 18, 2014
Free SEO Contract

I’ve sold millions of dollars in SEO services over the last 10 years using this SEO contract. Of course it’s been revised a dozen times and tweaked from year-to-year, but as of today it’s the best SEO contract I have ever used. But I’m not the only one who thinks so, I get compliments from our clients about it daily. They love how simple and easy it is to understand, and from my experience, the easier it is for our clients to understand, the more comfortable they will be signing it. 

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Link Earning vs. Link Building Infographic

by Marvin Russell on February 28, 2014
What is Link Earning

Understanding the difference between “link earning and link building” is critical for SEO companies and for those thinking of hiring an SEO company. We need to be smarter in our approach and more ethical with our tactics. “Link earning” is the perfect opportunity to do so. Every SEO company in the world should stop “link building” and start “link earning”.

Simply saying the words “link earning” will help your SEO team get in the right state of mind when performing SEO. 

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5 Super Secrets: How to Get Your Blog 1000s of Email Subscribers

by Marvin Russell on February 21, 2014
How to get more email subscribers

I’ve been the CEO of a digital marketing agency for 10 years, and I would like to share 5 super secrets that our team uses to get our clients 1000′s of email subscribers. But, this post isn’t about how to write better blog posts. Let’s assume you already do that. This post is about how to turn your visitors into subscribers.

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The Most Important Website Trend in 2014 is…

by Marvin Russell on February 20, 2014
Website Transparency

The most important website trend in 2014 is transparency. If you have a website today transparency can really make or break your success. Transparency affects traffic, conversions, and sales. I’ve run The Ocean Agency for the last 10 years, and the one thing I find myself encouraging our clients to do more and more often is be more transparent.

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17 Major Main Menu Mistakes

by Marvin Russell on January 31, 2014
Web Design Main Menu Mistakes

Did you know that your main menu is a part of your marketing? It’s true. What your menu says gives your visitors a small indication of what your website is about and whether or not they are in the right place. Main menu mistakes can lead to high bounce rate, low length of time on site, and low rankings in search engines.

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5 Ways To Get More SEO Leads Using MySiteAuditor

by Marvin Russell on January 27, 2014
SEO Leads

Hey peeps. Here’s a quick post on how to maximize the amount of leads you get from MySiteAuditor. I’ve used an SEO audit tool for over 5 years to generate thousands of SEO and web design leads, and I have lots of good data and experience to share. I apologize if some of these things seem obvious, but I checked out a lot of sites using MySiteAuditor and I constantly see my opportunities to generate more SEO leads.

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Top 40 SEO Blogs to Read in 2014

by Marvin Russell on January 3, 2014
Best SEO Blogs

These are the top 40 SEO blogs you should read in 2014. I spent over 10 hours researching, reading, and interviewing people in the SEO industry to narrow down the best SEO blogs. I was actually a little surprised to see that quality SEO blogs are very rare. Much of what I came across was pure crap that contained overly optimized articles that were written for the quantity of content, rather than the quality.

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Why Every Digital Marketing Agency Should Practice “R.G.B.”

by Marvin Russell on December 19, 2013
RGB Relationship Goals Budget

In our office “R.G.B.” stands for Relationship, Goals, Budget. I created and started using that acronym a few years ago to help our digital marketing team remember how important relationships, goals, and budgets are when trying to achieve success in an agency. The acronym made it easier for everyone to remember; after all, many people on our team have come from a creative background and are familiar with the RGB color model.

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MySiteAuditor Launches!

by Marvin Russell on December 16, 2013
Website Audit Tool

A long awaited update to SEOGROUP is finally here. We’ve rebranded and completely updated our white-label website audit tool. The tool is now called MySiteAuditor. MySiteAuditor is a lead generating website audit tool for SEO firms to easily embed on their website. Any business or website owner looking for SEO, web design, online PR, or any other digital marketing service will love the ability to instantly SEO audit their website and competitor websites.

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The Sh#t SEO People Say…

by Marvin Russell on December 11, 2013
Shit SEO People Say

The below video is a tribute to the shit SEO people say all over the world. We love our clients and we love our jobs, but we end up saying the same shit over and over. To us, it’s funny and at times it can be frustrating. So to take the edge off a bit we created this two minute video dedicated to The Shit SEO People Say on a daily basis.

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Free WordPress Theme – Happy Small Business Saturday!

by Marvin Russell on November 28, 2013
Free Small Business WP Theme

Happy Small Business Saturday! In light of this special occasion we’re giving away one of our favorite website WordPress themes. This theme is totally free and one of my favorite themes for small businesses. It’s clean and simple, which I love and I’m sure your visitors will love too.

In addition to being a gorgeous theme, it’s also responsive, so it looks great on mobile phones and tablets.

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8 Amazingly Free Web Design Tools!

by Marvin Russell on November 19, 2013
Free Web Design Tools

Why buy expensive web design software when you don’t have to? In this post I’m going to show your how to design, develop, and manage a new website project using nothing but free tools. Don’t you love the internet? These tools are totally free, totally legit, and totally amazing.

Once you get your web design business off the ground you may want to upgrade one or two of these tools, but most of them are as good or better than paid alternatives.

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9 SEO Certifications that Will Boost Your Salary

by Courtney Gordner on November 6, 2013
SEO Certification

Many SEO certification options exist to learn more about the skill and to become certified to perform SEO. Although most SEOs are self-taught, a few of these certifications may look good on your resume. In addition, mentioning any of these certifications may give your sales prospects the extra nudge they need when deciding whether or not to use your SEO services.

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Google Authorship: The EASIEST Setup Guide for WordPress Bloggers

by Marvin Russell on October 18, 2013
How to install Google Authorship

This post is by far the easiest tutorial on how to setup and test Google Authorship. This guide is perfect for WordPress bloggers or guest bloggers. Whether you’re advanced or a beginner, setting up Google Authorship will be super simple if you follow this guide.

The reason I am writing this is that even I had some difficulty installing Google Authorship on my WordPress site, and I’ve been in this industry for 10 years.

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5 Fun Ways to Build Links on

by Marvin Russell on October 11, 2013
Link Building Using Fiverr

These are five really cool ways you can build links to any website using If you haven’t heard of fiverr, I’m not entirely sure you should be in the digital marketing business, but I’ll explain it anyway. is a website where you can find an assortment or services for $5. From advertisements to graphics, and from tweets to videos, you can get the coolest, most useful, and sometimes just zany things done.

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Google’s Hummingbird Update: 7 Simple Facts You Should Know

by Marvin Russell on October 9, 2013
google hummingbird update

This is a simple explanation of Google’s recent Hummingbird algorithm update, and why they released it. Yes it’s a huge update, but not a complicated one to understand. The good news is that it benefits everyone. The bad news is that any kind of change requires time spent educating yourself. However, after learning exactly what Hummingbird does and why it does it, I am more relieved than worried about any negative side-effects.

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Headed to SMX East 2013 – Stop by Booth 313!

by Marvin Russell on September 27, 2013
SMX East 2013

We’re hitting the open road for 12 hours this Sunday to attend SMX East 2013. We made the decision to go earlier this week after determining that is was just too big of an opportunity for us to miss. At SMX we’ll be officially debuting our SEO audit tool. We’re so pumped to show the industry how we can help them increase SEO leads by embedding our SEO audit tool on their site, and how white-labeling their SEO audits for prospective clients can really boost sales.

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9 Brilliant Examples of Websites Using Social Proof to Increase Conversions

by Marvin Russell on August 28, 2013
Social Proof

This post provides nine visual and brilliant examples of how digital marketers use “social proof” on some of our favorite websites to increase followers, purchases, sign ups, email subscriptions and conversions. If utilized the correct way, this marketing tactic can be a very effective digital marketing strategy. When you’re done reading this post please share any brilliant ways you’ve seen digital marketers use social proof to influence users.

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